Built From The Ground Up

Built from the ground up by a team that includes Developers, Organizational Consultants, and Industrial Organizational Psychologists, the entire system is based on sound psychological research principles and was designed to parallel and even mimic the I.O. Psychology research process.

GideonSoft is designed for assessment, selection, training, recruiting or development in a variety of markets: Military, Athletics, Medical, Corporate, Law Enforcement or Education.


  • Easy to capture data in the moment
  • Highly customizable surveys and reports
  • Data visualizations geared towards decisions
  • Facilitates communication (via Timeline & Notifications)
  • Performance profiles & Goal Setting
  • Customized dashboards
  • Calendar & Scheduling
  • Templates available (Peer Assessment, Behavior Observations, Wellness, sRPE, etc)

Cutting Edge Technology

  • GideonSoft is a cloud-based mobile and desktop SaaS application that captures and surfaces data using the latest backend and view tier technologies on the .NET stack. Our thin client uses the latest visualization frameworks to provide a fast, modern user experience.
  • The GideonSoft Web app uses the latest front-end technologies that combine to present a functional and engaging user experience for collecting data and displaying analytical insights.
  • GideonSoft leverages the scalability, security and flexibility of Amazon Web Services. We offer a stand-alone Black Box option for clients that need to put GideonSoft on their internal network.
  • Integration with 3rd party applications … Catapult, Jaguar, OmegaWave, Polar, or import CSV files.

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Expert Partnership

Horizon Performance works with the best teams in the world, including high-level military organizations, corporate entities and athletics departments to create productive, winning cultures that produce results. Elite players in the industry — PhDs, former coaches, former military — combine to create the world’s best performance consultancy.


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