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Customized Solutions

Organize the chaos.

Horizon has a proven track record for seamlessly integrating GideonSoft into our client’s existing operations. Build, navigate, and display data the way you want, when you want.


Powerful, interactive dashboards allow leaders to track personnel status and performance across an organization, regardless of operational complexity or unique development pipelines. Dashboards produce accurate, real-time information reducing the burden on the end user and saving valuable time.


GideonSoft’s dynamic HTML reports can be printed, converted to PDF, and shared with other users. This tool provides a variety of different ways in which clients can depict individual, team and organizational information and insights.


Create a survey or an assessment form using Drag & Drop design. These surveys can be deployed to mobile devices and used in an off-line setting.


Our customized homepages allow leaders to manage and monitor their roster. Have questions you want to ask or specific people you want to follow? Use our customized homepage features to answer questions or monitor subsets of performers.


GideonSoft’s calendar & scheduling applications are designed for programs focused on performance development. Administrators can schedule all their development events, link them to their performance model, and set reminders for observers and assessor to complete their evaluations.


Horizon understands and appreciates that clients may have other software applications they prefer using for specific aspects of performance monitoring and evaluation. As such, we’ve developed a user-friendly feature for getting that data into GideonSoft through an API or a CSV export.