What’s New in GideonSoft

(May 2023)

Introducing the latest GideonSoft release! This time around, along with performance enhancements and bug fixes, we made survey design more functional and flexible than ever! 


A More Powerful Survey Administration Process!


Name formatting options … Display a person’s Name or Identifier in your surveys (just like in reports); or leave it up to the system default settings.

ChangeMore scheduling capability … Set surveys to start and end on selected dates, and now set a reminder notice to go out to people who haven’t responded yet!

FeatureOverlay Functionality … Admins can select pieces of surveys to allow non-administrators to customize displayed language: questions, prompts, instructions, responses. Very powerful! Surveys can also be saved in ‘Review’ status to facilitate the process.

FeatureGet everyone on the same page … Export and save/print a PDF of the survey, displaying page breaks, and a list of variable names and types.

New and powerful Overlay functionality!

A Bigger, Better Survey Design Toolkit!

ChangeMore Ranking flexibility … For Ranking questions, set a minimum number of responses, instead of requiring everything to be ranked. So, now you can ask if this is one of your top 3 survey updates (for example).

ChangeThe Matrix (Rating question) has expanded … Now you can add a spacer row for longer lists, add tooltips for item-specific descriptions, and enable inline comments between each item. Also, responses designated as N/A are displayed in gray (yes, this is all real; no need for special fx).

ChangeNew Tagged Matrix input option … Users can now respond via toggle buttons, or via dropdowns (as before).

FeatureAdd a little controlled chaos for better data … Within each section, display questions in a random order. Within a matrix or multiple-choice question, randomize responses.

FeatureNew Rating icon question type … Now you can simply ask a familiar “How many stars?” (or one of several icons) to rate items (or people).

FeatureNew Date picker option … Easily add a date selector to a survey (via a Text question).

DesignMore colorful instruction … Use rich (HTML style) formatting in survey headers and question instructions; includes linking or uploading images.

DesignMulti column layout … Save space or organize your survey as you like, by customizing each section to have its own column layout.

Matrices & Ratings & Date Pickers … oh my!

Choose Your Own (GideonSoft) Path

ChangeGet home quickly … If you’re a member of more than one Instance, pin your preferred one to return there when you sign back in. Then…

FeatureGet to your ‘favorite spot’ at home quickly … In that Instance, set your default “landing page” using Quick Links. Get right to it!

There’s no place like home (and getting there quickly)!


Other Miscellaneous Goodness or Updates

ChangeFor broadcast questions, schedule reminders for those slow responders.

ChangeGideonSoft no longer officially supports Internet Explorer 11.

ChangeThe Report design Signature item now can allow and require comments.

ChangeRules can be defined for Status definitions in performance modules to automatically update a person’s status in a specified persistent module.

FeatureAdministrators can customize the location menu order and arrangement.

FeatureInstance & Persistent module people lists can now be exported to an Excel file.

FeatureObjects (Instance, Role or Team) can now have profile pics.

DesignFeedback Library content items can include rich (HTML style) formatting.


What’s New in GideonSoft 2023 Release 1 (PDF)